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Five Natural Hacks To Defeat Anxiety

We know that a busy workplace or a hectic home life can cause stress, but do we know how the food we eat and the coffee we drink affect anxiety levels? In this episode of The Health Bridge, Sara and Pedram discuss the five things we can do to help relieve anxiety.

Here’s a quick summary of the five natural hacks that they will talk about:

Number 1 – Blood Sugar

Stabilize your blood sugar. If you don’t get sugar to your brain, you’re going to get anxious. Start with protein and slow carbs.

Number 2 – Get Off Drinking Coffee

Your body has this energy economy and we want to keep charging. However we don’t want to borrow energy from artificial sources, such as coffee, especially if you have anxiety.

Number 3 – Time Management & Time Compression Syndrome

Mastery in life is learning to say, “No” and “Probably not.”

Number 4 – Breathe

Lower belly breathing is where you’re moving your diaphragm and  stimulating your vagus nerve. When you engage in belly breathing, you’re saying yes to your parasympathetic nervous system. This is important for your body, because anxiety happens in your sympathetic nervous system. But repair and healing happens in your parasympathetic nervous system.

Number 5 – Life Management

Just as you want to say no to those that are making you anxious, you want to say yes to the things that crowd out the anxiety. Look on the positive side of things and be grateful for both the good and the bad.