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Secrets Of The Ancient Healers With Nick Polizzi



Documentary filmmaker and holistic healing expert, Nick Polizzi is a conscious engineer who is dedicated to the field of ancient healing. A former New York City boy, Nick has spent decades dodging mosquitos and all things jungle-life to put a lens on the people who have important stories to tell. His understanding of ancient rituals reveal insights on how we can merge the past healing practices with our new wave of technology and understanding. Knowing where our products are sourced from as well as the integrity behind the brand (or lack there of) are important steps in becoming a more conscious, respectful consumer.

Responsible Shopping

Be aware of the products you purchase and consume. Just because it’s labeled “organic”or was bought from Whole Foods doesn’t mean its good. Use your head and go with your gut. Go beyond the labels and get to know the supplements you are taking as well where your food comes from. Don’t forget to learn more about herbs and know exactly what you are ingesting. Taking responsibility for your own health involves doing the deep work! Go beyond the brands and understand the message behind label. Companies like Runa Organic Guayusa Tea, for instance, are a humanity plus brand that source their leaves from the Amazon while preserving their traditional practices and supporting their producers. Find more products that help authentic people tell their story and stay away from things that make you feel icky, like cutting someone off in traffic or grabbing your coffee from Dunkin’ Doughnuts.

Simplify, Simplify

Getting back to basics helps us simplify our lives further and better understand what is most important. What makes you happy? Understand the barometer of what makes you content and do more of it. Get outside and back to nature. Be mindful beyond the pantry and embrace smart ways to minimize waste like solar panels or water filtration systems. Abandoning technology is not the solution. Learning to merge past practices with new innovations will strike a healthy balance in our lives. As we become more conscious of our actions and the impact they make on the planet, we will in turn become better, more loving human beings.

Know Thyself

Knowledge is powerful tool and understanding humanity means understanding ourselves first. Clean your brain and become more conscious of your environment and habits. Once you get to know yourself and confront who you really are, you can purge every bit of negativity from yourself. See through the busy calendar and drop the “American Dream” facade. Children emulate their parents and when we restore community and support our families, we in turn create bulletproof individuals who are ready to face the new age.

Bottom line: educate yourself and take responsibility.