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The Medicinal Properties Of Guava And Its Leaves [INFOGRAPHIC]

In this article, discover guava health benefits for disease prevention and overall wellness!

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In this article:

  1. What Is Guava and How Can It Improve Mental Health
  2. The Health Benefits of Eating Guava
    1. Gives a Strong Immunity Boost from Its Vitamin C Content
    2. Guards Against Viral Respiratory Infections Thanks to Vitamin C
    3. Promotes Better Eyesight Due to Its Vitamin A Content
    4. Controls Diabetes as It Helps Reduce Blood Glucose
    5. Prevents Hair Loss and Even Boost Hair Growth
    6. Protects Against Cancer
    7. Makes Great Pregnancy Food as It Maintains Blood Pressure
    8. Relaxes You with Its Magnesium Content
    9. Helps with Diets Since It’s Filled with Micronutrients

Guava Health Benefits You Should Know

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What Is Guava and How Can It Improve Mental Health

If pineapple is the king of the fruits, guava should be the queen.

A ripe guava is juicy, sweet, and fragrant and can be eaten as it is. You can also add it to salads, squeeze it for its juice, or make guava jelly.

Aside from its delicious taste, guava also offers amazing health benefits!

According to Dr. Mercola, when compared to the same amount of pineapple, guava has three times more protein, four times more fiber, and almost five times more vitamin C. (1) It also has more potassium than bananas and five times more vitamin A than oranges! (1)

When they’re ripe, they’re soft and sweet, yet they actually lower your blood glucose levels! The guava fruit may be small and insignificant-looking, but it packs quite a punch.

Moreover, it’s filled with vitamins, antioxidants, and dietary fiber. Those bring amazing health benefits to the body!

Let’s look at all the properties locked inside this little fruit (popular in Mexico, Central and South America, and even in tropical countries), and help you take your health to the next level.

The Health Benefits of Eating Guava

1. Gives a Strong Immunity Boost from Its Vitamin C Content

The immunity-boosting effects of guava are directly related to its vitamin C content. A serving of guava provides over 350% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C, says Dr. Axe. (2)

Vitamin C offers many benefits to the body, including fighting off infections, tissue repair, and wound healing. An abundance of this vitamin keeps the body healthy overall.

Since this water-soluble vitamin can’t be stored in the body, eat a little guava every day for a heightened effect.

2. Guards Against Viral Respiratory Infections Thanks to Vitamin C

Guava reduces mucus, helps ease sore throats, and keep the respiratory tract free from infection. (3) The vitamin C content does wonders for the body when you’re experiencing viral infections like the common cold, but guava’s iron content acts as the last nail in the coffin. (3)

Drink the guava leaves as tea, too, for that extra guava power. (4) Guava leaves are full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and antibacterials which are great for fighting off viral respiratory infections.

Goodbye sniffles!

3. Promotes Better Eyesight Due to Its Vitamin A Content

Research in India into the effects of specific fruits and vegetables suggests that guavas, black grapes, coriander, and mint leaves should be the doctor’s prescription for good eyesight. (5)

Why guava? The vitamin-A content is thought to help slow down the appearance of cataracts, macular degeneration, and improve general eye health. (6)

4. Controls Diabetes as It Helps Reduce Blood Glucose

Guava has been used to treat diabetes mellitus in Chinese Medicine for centuries and studies have been carried out to back up this ancient knowledge.

The Taiwanese researchers Cheng and Yang looked at the effect of guava on diabetes and found it effectively and gently reduces blood glucose in humans and may be employed to improve and/or prevent the disease. (7)

In 2013, another group of researchers reported in Phytotherapy Research that the guava leaf polyphenol present in guava leaf tea helps regulate the absorption of dietary carbohydrate within the intestines. This helps suppress a rapid increase in blood sugar after meals.

Polyphenol Definition: Micronutrients found in natural plant food with antioxidant properties that can prevent degenerative diseases like cancer.

They also found no drug interactions, suggesting guava leaf tea is a useful complementary medicine for medicated diabetics. (8)

Controlling blood glucose levels in people with diabetes helps regulate blood pressure, prevent the formation of cataracts, and other possible complications of the disease.

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5. Prevents Hair Loss and Even Boosts Hair Growth

If you’ve been experiencing hair loss due to elevated stress levels or other reasons, you’re not alone. These days, around 7 out of 10 people suffer from this problem, but a guava remedy can help boost growth and prevent further hair loss, according to experts. (9)

It’s one of the many hair loss remedies esteemed by Ayurvedic medicine practitioners. (10) Here’s how you can use the guava plant to prevent hair loss:

6. Protects Against Cancer

Several studies have been carried out on the anti-cancer effects of guava extract, guava seed, and the whole plant. (11) They have found that it can fight human cancerous cells, including prostate, colon, and epidermal cancers, as well as leukemia and melanoma. (11)

Thanks to its high lycopene content, which is known for its cancer-fighting properties, guava fruit can protect your body against this deadly disease. That’s on top of its powerful antioxidant and micronutrients content.

Not bad for a humble tree!

7. Makes Great Pregnancy Food as It Maintains Blood Pressure

A pregnant woman holds guava in front of her stomach.

Many of the benefits discussed above make guava a great pregnancy food.

Guava contains folic acid or vitamin B-9 (which is great for baby’s nervous system), iron, calcium, thiamine, magnesium, and phosphorus, making it a beneficial food during this important time. It also maintains blood pressure, which pregnant women are more susceptible to.

One guava daily is recommended to keep it stable. (12) It also relieves stress, helps ease gastric reflux, and aids digestion. (12)

Overall, these guava health benefits help pregnant mothers deliver their babies safely after nine months.

8. Relaxes You with Its Magnesium Content

Yes, if you’re stressed out, guava can help you relax. The magnesium content acts as a muscle and nerve relaxant. (13)

Enjoy guava juice benefits when you’re feeling anxious or stressed. Just add a handful of spinach, two frozen bananas, and a guava fruit into a blender with a little water to make a great anti-stress smoothie!

You can also try making guava juice if you prefer that, or a guava leaf tea for something hot to sip.

9. Helps with Diets Since It’s Filled with Micronutrients

A 100-gram guava only has 68 calories with 14.3 grams of carbohydrates, 2.6 grams of protein, 228.3 mg of vitamin C, 5.2 mg of lycopene, 5.4 grams of dietary fiber, and other trace minerals. (2) This means consuming one will help you fill the micronutrients your body needs and still enjoy a delicious snack without compromising your diet.

If you’re on a ketogenic diet to either lose weight or become healthier, drinking guava tea can assist you in your goal of getting rid of sugar from the body.

Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

Did you know guavas were so cool? Most people aren’t aware of the essential nutrients we can get from this fruit – but guavas are well worth adding to your daily nutritional routine, even just for their flavor.

Don’t forget to make sure your guava is ripe!

What guava health benefits do you know? Do you like eating this fruit? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!



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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 20, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.