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Let’s Talk Detox: 6 Super Fast Ways to Top Off Toxicity

A Spring Cleaning that Starts From Within

Come springtime we often think of sweeping out our closets or dusting off the cobwebs, but that same mentality is even better applied to our bodies. Detox is not just about yearly “cleaning” rituals, but adding a routine and maintenance that keeps us functioning in full swing all year long. Let’s take a look at some natural ways to detox, and how to update your life from a yearly spring cleaning to a habitual cleanse!

The Filthy Facts

If you’re feeling a bit foggy it’s time for a reset. With over 77,000 synthetic chemicals introduced since 1940, it’s no wonder we are weary. The quality of our food, air, and water is strikingly different than it was 100 years ago. Our Exposome, what you get exposed to both inside and out, is responsible from 90% of chronic disease.

So, how do we protect ourselves?

The good news is that are many wonderful ways to armor up our immune system and properly protect our microbiome from further doom. But first, let’s consider the Food consume.

Just as digestion begins in the mouth, so does a good detox! Consider foods like Chia seeds or the highly fibrous sprouted Flax seeds that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. They both are both pros at absorbing toxins and make a delicious addition to a morning smoothie. Apple Cider Vinegar is also a wonderful accoutrement to your kitchen. It’s great at balancing your PH levels and is simple to splash on your salad for an extra probiotic boost. Keeping lemons in your fridge is a great detox tip too. A few slices added to hot h30 in morning is a pleasant way to stimulate the liver and flush out toxins. Come snack time, Apples are a delicious way to cleanse the colon as they are filled with pectin, which is a type of soluble fiber that binds to fatty substances in the digestive tract as well as the toxins. Avocados are surprisingly fibrous and contain large amounts of magnesium (which will loosen muscles) and potassium (which will help flush out toxins!).

Pure water is paramount to detoxifying the body as well. With so many contaminants present like chlorine and fluoride, consider an h30 of the highest quality such as spring water, deionized, or reverse osmosis. Ideally, your water should be slightly alkaline with mineral contents such as magnesium and calcium.

Now that we’ve got the kitchen covered, let’s take a quick inventory of the emotions.

Just as a sidenote, the company we keep is equally important as the air we breath and the food and water we consume. Taking a look at this overall environment is a great way to rebalance ourselves at the cellular level and get insight into our mind, body, and spirit. Avoid toxic relationships and tend to the garden of life, uprooting any weeds that interfere with personal well being. What we water will grow!

Now, Here are the 6 Super Fast Ways to Detox Like a Pro

Supplements. Taking high quality supplements designed to facilitate cleansing such as milk thistle or activated charcoal is a must. Consider high quality (and delicious) kits, such as the Detox pack available at Well.org.

Saunas. Whether you decide to invest in one, or simply stop by the local gym, stepping into the sauna is a fast way to stimulate a cellular sweat. The deep, penetrating heat stimulates metabolic activity and destroys unwanted intruders.

Fasting. Giving your body a break from the burden of digestion is a wonderful way to unwind the inner workings and can supercharge your detox. Being in a state of ketosis breaks down your fat stores (so many toxins held there!) into free fatty acids.

Sea Salt. Adding pink himalayan or celtic sea salt to your water provides trace minerals and is a fast way to flush out toxins and cleanse the colon. Try it every few weeks to allow your microbiome to repopulate good bacteria.

SunshinDaily De. Vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin, destroys the bad bacteria in the body and can kill cancer cells. After just 20 minutes outside, your body produces over 200 antimicrobials. Go on a short walk or eat your lunch in sun for a quick detox trick. Taking a good supplement is also very beneficial, like Well.org’s Daily D.

Exercise. Simple, and completely cost-effective. Sweating during workouts will drain the lymphatic system of toxins like mercury and lead. Bonus points if you workout in the sun.

And let’s not forget some quick recipes to get your detox done in a more delicious way!

Detox Like Your Life Depends On It

Embracing the environmental facts is a great way to embark on the detox journey. Knowledge applied to daily life becomes a superpower. The key is uncovering a cleansing ritual that works for your unique thumbprint. Explore your options and find what works (or doesn’t work). Whether sweating it out in the sun, or following a designated detox kit, find fun and creative ways to eliminate toxins and stay resilient amidst the prevalent pollutants.

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