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Living Naturally with David Wolfe


Wild is the way to go

If you don’t know how to get food anywhere except the local supermarket, you may be fascinated to know that David Wolfe can find all kinds of food in wild nature.  Not only that but wild food has more energy and vitality so is better for your health.  Even the food you grow in your own garden will have more nutrients and energy, especially if you have nourished that soil with compost and local minerals.

You don’t have to go to the gym to be fit

Hate going to the gym?  David’s alternative is to get out in the woods and gather food.  He also does useful work like chopping wood, digging and planting.  He is not only getting a workout but is getting things he needs for survival; he states that “work is the original workout”.  The connection of being out in nature provides energy and feelings of ecstasy for him.  He gets a peaceful connection to those who have come before him.

There has been a resurgence of interest in gardening for producing food and David encourages whatever type of gardening that is feasible for you.  It can be replacing your lawn with raised beds for vegetables, growing herbs, having houseplants or just sprouting seeds.  All of these connect you to the magic of growth.  He talks about how to get more protein from plant sources, something that is certainly needed for a sustainable world.  He started gardening by buying organic foods, throwing the scraps into a compost heap in the backyard and seeing what came up without any prior knowledge about what to do.

Trees are valuable for more than just taking in carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen, although that is certainly critical.  David explains how they also affect that soil and the water table and are out greatest resource.  North America is fortunate to still have large areas of forest that need to be protected and David helps us see why we need to plant more.